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  • Why Choose Carpet tiles for interior flooring?

    Interior design of any vicinity performs a critical role in enhancing the splendor of that particular place. Interior designing is completely primarily based at the taste of the person; a few human beings decide on giving their region a royal and ambitious look whilst others want their region to easy and classy. Every room needs […]

  • Outdoor Area Rugs

    Call Now 056-600-9626, 04-2959449, 0566776789 Email : Our Location Home Goods Rugs It is quite possible that gulf shag rugs after going at it for a while, you will have been shown too many designs that gulf shag rugs they will all look blue shag carpet the shag rugs same to you at the shag […]

  • Wool Sisal Area Rugs

    Call Now 056-600-9626, 04-2959449, 0566776789 Email : Our Location   Sisal Wool Blend Rugs   Sisal carpets therefore rugs of Dubai are knitted from natural plant yarns. Just like a coir, jute, or hemp carpet, it has characteristics of durability therefore flexibility in order that various artificial fibres can’t give. Carpets therefore rugs prepared from […]

  • Carpet Tiles in Dubai

    Office Carpet Tiles Porcelain tile is a office carpet design type of ceramic tile. Melodramatic difference between porcelain and ceramic is with respect to order that porcelain is fired at a higher carpet tile flooring temperature, making it denser and moisture-resistant. Porcelain tiles Dubai office carpet tiles also less carpet planks porous, making them more […]

  • Commercial Carpet Tiles in Dubai

    Interiors in Dubai Making sure your home office is designed to fit your needs is in Dubai methodical process. So, if you’re looking to spruce up your space,  you can modernize gulf customized office interiors carpets in Dubai by adding. Remember Your Personal Style More than anything else, you’ll want your home office to flow […]

  • Modern Office Carpet Tiles Dubai

    Office Carpet Tiles We are for supplying of  reliable and high–end products in the market. Office carpet Carpets Dubai tiles Carpets Dubai tiles allows customers Gulf take control office carpet of the process of flooring and carpet designing luxurious, bespoke Office carpet Carpets Dubai tiles Carpets Dubai tiles with exceptionally heavy pile weights for the most […]

  • The most feasible solution for your carpet needs is here

    No matter how small or how royal of a property it is, the flooring is of the essence and one must get the best available option to make it look good and since the floor works aren’t done on a frequent basis, the quality stuff gets must. So whether it’s just a simple carpet or […]

  • Things to know about carpets

    Carpets have been in use since ancient times and were first used to give protection from the cold but were also as decorative items. They were also used as floor coverings but were also placed on seating and tables. Some were purely ornamental and were hung up on the walls, in a similar way in […]

  • Customized carpets are now easy to get hands on

    Carpets are one of the simplest solutions for those who have been looking towards adding grace to their homes. Since every customer has their own demands for the carpets it became necessary to let them have a free hand on customizing it and has been offering the services fluently. Being an online platform it […]


    There has been observed an increase in demand for carpets in Dubai and more numbers of people are now opting for carpets to enhance the looks of their homes. Making the task easier, has introduced an online platform where one can find a vast range of carpets and pick the one that meet their […]