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Carpets have been in use since ancient times and were first used to give protection from the cold but were also as decorative items. They were also used as floor coverings but were also placed on seating and tables. Some were purely ornamental and were hung up on the walls, in a similar way in which we would now hang pictures. Of course in those bygone days, carpet was all hand woven and took a good deal of time to complete so only the rich could afford it. The ancient Egyptians had thousands of people weaving carpets for their royal families. In central Asia, the Persians became world renowned for their woven rugs. It was not until when machines were developed to do the weaving, that carpeting became affordable and available to the masses. Carpets then gained in popularity and even those from poor backgrounds could afford a bit of carpet or some rugs for their homes.

Hand woven carpet manufacturing reached a peak during the 16th century. It was common to make use of sheep’s wool and other animal hair such as that of goats and camels to weave into carpets. Sheep’s wool was one of the best materials to use as it is thick and hard wearing so the carpet is able to withstand a lot of footfalls before looking worn. The texture was also a factor in carpet weaving and this is another factor which favour sheep’s wool. The looms were generally on a vertical stand and each carpet was made to a particular design or pattern. Other materials used in the manufacture of early carpets were silk, cotton and jute. As the carpet industry developed in the UK, wool became the fibre of choice. There is a plentiful supply of wool in Britain, much of which was used to make quality carpets. Modern carpet manufacturers also make use of man-made fibres such as nylon, polypropylene and polyester. Natural fibres, such as wool, are still used either on their own or mixed with one or more man-made fibre to produce quality hard wearing carpets.

Nowadays the carpet industry is booming and there is a huge range of carpets available. Carpets are in just about every home where they add both luxury and style. The carpet industry has provided a very wide range of carpets and each type has its own unique qualities. The type of materials used to form the fibres which are used to make the carpet dictate the cost. There is a wide range of colors and patterns available, so householders can choose what they want and look for something that will enhance their homes. It is always a good idea to set a budget before going carpet shopping as the price varies wildly. Also take into account the footfall in the room, for instance, a hallway will require a more hard wearing carpet than a bedroom as the foot traffic is likely to be considerably greater. Keeping it in better condition, lookout for methods to clean it and do it on a regular interval.


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